Adding a Public Official to the Endorsers List

There are several ways to add a public official to the United4 endorsers list.

Documenting Public Official Support

*Please submit documentation of any of the following to to add state or federal level public officials to the endorsers list.

  • Sponsorship, co-sponsorship or vote cast by the public official, or statement made as part of the public record in favor of a resolution or bill supporting constitutional remedies.

  • Any statement of support for constitutional remedies made by the elected official or an official spokesperson on the official's website or the letterhead of the official's office.

  • An article in a newspaper or magazine that includes a statement of support for constitutional remedies from the public official or an official spokesperson.

  • A video of the public official featuring a clearly visible and audible expression of support for constitutional remedies, which has been posted on YouTube or another video sharing website.